Find all the information you need to become acquainted with JYSK as your potential future employer



Find all the information you need to become acquainted with JYSK as your potential future employer

JYSK Values

The JYSK values originate from our founder, Lars Larsen. They express the behaviour and attitude that we expect from you as a JYSK employee.

Our values are summed up in three words to remind all JYSK employees how to act each and every day – be it towards our customers or towards each other. We believe in good tradesmanship, good colleagues and a corporate spirit.


Service minded: I put the customer first and act upon their needs.
Cost-conscious: We are a low cost company, selling articles at low prices. I use resources in a clever way and avoid unnecessary costs.
Reliable: An agreement is an agreement. I keep what I promise.
Goal-oriented: I work hard to reach my own and my team’s goals.
Professional: I am competent and have a competent attitude and approach.


Helpful: I am always happy to help and always ready to make the extra effort.
Mutual respect: I show respect to those with whom I cooperate.
Flexible: I am ready to handle changes and I take over for a colleague, even when it is not favorable for me.
Open, honest and straight forward: I say things as they are, straight on, in an open and honest way.
Positive: I see opportunities rather than obstacles.


Committed: I involve myself, I make a difference, and I contribute to the team.
Loyal: I stand behind JYSK and my colleagues, in good as well as tough situations.
Cooperative: I am eager to work together across functions and positions.
The right and duty to speak up: I use my right and duty to give input that could improve our business.
JYSK ambassador: I show that I am proud to have the “JYSK blue blood”.

JYSK Leadership

JYSK Leadership expresses the behaviour and attitude we expect from you as a manager in JYSK.

We have firm Scandinavian roots, and we trust each other. We believe in delegation and freedom with responsibility.

A JYSK manager must ensure, through his or her professional and personal competences, that we are always on the right path towards new results, and that our employees are with us. Not because they must, but because they want to. This is why our managers are of the utmost importance for our success.

JYSK Leadership can be summed up in three words: Leader, Coach, and Communicator.

Employee Promises

  • JYSK takes pride in taking good care of our employees by helping you reach your goals
  • With a strong effort and a can-do spirit your opportunities are infinite
  • We work together to set mutual expectations for your career path in JYSK

Bring dedication and meet possibilities

‘Bring dedication and meet possibilities’ is the headline and the framework for our Employee Promises with their three sub-headings. All of them define our promises to our employees – and they describe what makes JYSK an attractive place to work.


Strong teamsGreat commitment.

JYSK is a high-speed company with extensive commitment in all respects. This means that you can look forward to a challenging and exciting workday where you will be part of a strong team that work as a close-knit unit:

  • You can count on your team
  • Your input will be heard
  • You will be involved in team efforts


Our structure and concepts. Create opportunities.

JYSK has a strong and well-proven business concept that works. This will give you the time and the energy to improve your personal efforts:

  • You get more time for customers
  • You know what, when and how
  • You have definite goals
  • You feel prepared


When you grow, we grow

In JYSK, we focus on your career, your wishes and your potentials. We have top-of-the-line training, and we aim to develop our own talents:

  • You can make a career for yourself
  • You get on-the-job training
  • You will join our internal training programmes
  • We bring you the skills if you bring the attitude

International JYSK Culture

  • One of the main reasons for the JYSK success is a strong company culture that has not changed since Lars Larsen opened his first JYSK store in 1979
  • Today, JYSK operates in 50 different countries - but the company culture is still the same...

Our international culture

Our strong company culture originates from Lars Larsen's entrepreneurial approach and straight-talking way of doing business. Our Scandinavian roots have played an important part in the definition of our fundamental business values.

  • All employees are given plenty of responsibility
  • We pull in the same direction
  • Everybody works together, regardless of title and position
  • We have a strong team spirit
  • We are straight-forweard and down-to-earth

JYSK NORDIC represents the following 21 countries in which JYSK operates:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Poland
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • China
  • The Czech Republic
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Belgium
  • Ireland

The JYSK future

If you are considering JYSK as your future place of work it is important for us to give you a broad picture of the company of which you will be a part. That is why we want to let you know what the future of JYSK might bring. It is, of course, impossible to predict what will happen – but we will nevertheless give it a try:

  • JYSK is undergoing major changes and is expanding like never before
  • We are moving in a new direction, striving to put our brand into a new perspective
  • We are developing our e-business at a quick and steady pace
  • We build upon a strong history to create an even greater future
  • JYSK is dominated by a buzz of commitment from our employees who have been given the opportunity to impact the new and improved future JYSK.

We are just opening up first stores in Ireland, learn more about who we are on our JYSK.com

We believe that we can always do things a little better and become even bigger – to ensure that we will still be able to give our customers the best offers in the future.

We express our general thoughts on the future of JYSK in our mission and vision. We want to do more than just give our customers an attractive offer based solely on prices. Our entire concept should be proof of our good offers to our customers.

JYSK MISSION – why we are here

  • A great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living


To elaborate on this, let us look at the elements of the mission statement:

Great offer

  • A great offer in JYSK is much more than competitive prices and offers. It is the total concept and service experience of JYSK.

For everyone

  • We want to be close to the customers, and we believe that we have something to offer for everyone, in new as well as existing countries.

Sleeping and living

  • JYSK has a long history of competence in selling duvets, pillows and mattresses. In addition, we carry indoor and outdoor furniture.



The JYSK VISION addresses our three most important stakeholders: customers, employees and shareholders. We want to be

  • our customers' first choice
  • our employees' first choice within retail
  • the world’s most widespread and profitable chain of stores


GOJYSK.com is an online employee universe for all employees in JYSK Nordic. GOJYSK.com is published in 18 languages and delivers news and stories from the JYSK world – communicated through text, photos and video.


GOJYSK.com is JYSK’s online employee universe.

Available in 18 languages, GOJYSK.com delivers up-to-date news and features from the world of JYSK. We tell stories from the perspective of our JYSK colleagues to inspire and inform across cultural backgrounds and country borders.

By being publicly available, GOJYSK.com also provides a look inside our company for anyone interested in knowing what is happening at JYSK.